Update Cheat Empires and Allies free Poseidon US91

Cheat Empires and Allies free Poseidon US91 !!

Tools :
-Cheat Engine 

Tutor :
  •  Login to Facebook. Play Empires and Allies using Mozilla Firefox
  • At the Experimental Shipyard start building Support Craft.
  • When you finish building Support Craft(After 30 Minutes) Open Cheat Engine 6.1 (DONT PLACE YOUR SUPPORT CRAFT)
  • Click Computer Icon (Select a Process to Open)
  • Click plugin-container.exe (Mozilla Firefox Flash Plugin)
  • Then Change Value Type to TEXT.
  • Type US15 to Value Textbox And Click First Scan
  • at the Left you will see a lot of US15 Entry.Then Select all of them and click the red arrow (Copy all selected items to address list)
  • Now at bottom you will see all list.You should double click every US15 Text at the bottom
  • At every US15 click and change them to US91
  • Now move your support craft from experimental Shipyard to Naval Depot.
  • Check your Naval Depost you got free Poseidon US91 !

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Makasih Boz

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irfan kurniawan said...

:f mantappppp

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http://www.astergroup.co.cc said...
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:f :D :x B-) b-( :@ x( :? ;;) :-B :| :)) :(( =(( :s :-j :-p :-o :-g :-x

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